Complete A Timed “Celebration Blitz” To Achieve A Small Win And Build Momentum for Your Next Important Task

Create momentum in your day by completing a celebration blitz. In the words of Stanford Professor BJ Fogg, in Tiny Habits:

One of my favorite techniques for feeling positive emotions—the Celebration Blitz. I encourage everyone to do this if you need a score in the win column: Go to the messiest room in your house (or the worst corner of your office), set a timer for three minutes, and tidy up.

Then, the most crucial part: celebrate. Fist pump, do a little jig, or say, “Ohhh yeah!” Whatever best primes a feeling of success—because there’s more of that to come. I’ve found that a celebration blitz starts a domino effect— supercharging me with the psychological momentum to knock down the next heftier task.

Source: Ben Meer