Establish A Home For Every Item And Avoid Long Bouts Of Unnecessary Searching

Are you constantly losing your car keys? How about the drill for that home improvement project? The hard truth: these misplacements steal your time. And we know time is an all-important resource. So imagine what would happen if every home improvement tool you owned had an established place on this board? You’d be less likely ever to misplace a tool again. In the words of organization expert Marie Kondo, “Ensuring that each one of your belongings has its own spot is the only way to maintain a tidy and clutter-free home.”

While I don’t think inventorying every single thing you own and establishing a designated spot is the best use of your time, it’s an insightful exercise to consider. My advice is: start with your most misplaced items (20 percent of objects that lead to 80 percent of lost time) and standardize a home for these things now.

Source: Ben Meer