Experiment With A Ketogenic Diet To Increase High-Cognitive Functioning

In the words of Tim Ferriss, “The ketogenic diet, often nicknamed ‘keto,’ is a high-fat diet that mimics fasting physiology. Your brain and body begin to use ketones (derived from stored or ingested fat) for energy instead of blood sugar (glucose)—a state called ketosis.”

One benefit of the ketogenic diet is promoting high cognitive function and mental clarity. To confirm I’m in a state of ketosis, I use the Precision Xtra by Abbott (another recommendation by Ferriss) to measure the mmols/l of ketones in my body. What’s the recommended target? According to Dr. Dominic “Dom” D’Agostino: “I like to promote mild to moderate ketosis for health and longevity, which is between 1-3 mmols/L.” The ketogenic diet takes a lot of discipline, but I’ve found the cognitive boost to be well worth it.

Source: Ben Meer