Invest In Backup Gear To Always Have A Fallback Plan

Some people get really into survivalism: life preparation for worst-case scenarios (freeze-dried food, generators, etc.). Many of those precautions are worthwhile to take if you’re financially able to. But first, let’s avoid the more probable derailing events. What about preparation for a productive life? There’s nothing worse than being ready to work at a coffee shop, but your phone or laptop battery is dead. Or wanting to take a picture on your SLR camera, only your SIM card is out of memory. Stay in the game with a contingency plan: backup gear.

What this means in practice: I aim to store extra provisions (phone chargers, laptop power banks, healthy snacks, etc.) in my car, suitcase, and work bag. As a wiser Ben once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Source: Ben Meer