Perform Dual N-Back Training To Improve Your Fluid Intelligence (Dual N-Back for IOS and Brain N-Back For Android)

Lethologica is the inability to recall the right word— also known as the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. Very common, very annoying. But get this: how would it feel if you could retrieve those words with ease? Where the right words just…

I’ve found Dual N-Back training to help. With this brain training tactic, you’ll improve fluid intelligence and prime your brain to operate at peak performance. Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof and author of Game Changers, shares some tips for getting started with Dual N-Back:

  • Do it for at least twenty days, but forty is best.
  • Do it at least five days a week, when you’re not tired.
  • You may get stuck for a couple of weeks, but do it anyway.
  • Do not subvocalize (mutter to yourself) when you’re training so that you’re only activating the right side of your brain.
  • Push yourself to failure every time—move up a level even if you’re only at 70 to 80 percent at an
    existing level.

To better understand the rules, I recommend watching this short how-to video. p.s. My personal best is Level 4. (I’ve found Level 5 to be harder to penetrate than a plastic package of scissors.)

Source: Ben Meer