Read Books Like A Blog Post To Get High-Value Takeaways; Allow Yourself Not To Finish If You Are Bored or There Are No More Useful Ideas

It seems that learning how to read a book is an undervalued skill. Here’s what I recommend: start reading the table of contents—which acts as a class syllabus and is available for free via Amazon preview. If the book looks interesting, purchase the book in eReader format so you can eventually digitize your highlights/notes. Next, I picked up from Naval Ravikant to read books like a blog post. If it seems like there’s only one big idea in the early chapters, allow yourself NOT to finish the book.

Afterward, consider reading a 7-minute professional summary of the book on getAbstract. This extra step will help you synthesize insights, and perhaps, help you catch anything valuable you might have missed.

Source: Ben Meer