Track Your Sleep To Log 7.5-8.5 Hours Of Sleep Daily For Peak Physical And Cognitive Performance (Oura Ring)

Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution opened my eyes to the fact that our society wears sleep deprivation like a badge of honor, when lack of sleep is really a badge of misplaced priorities.

So, how can we get the sleep we need without overdoing it? I like Oura — a smart ring that automatically tracks total sleep, time in deep sleep + REM, and efficiency of sleep (among other things). Oura’s associated mobile app gamifies the sleep experience, providing a sleek dashboard and net score—out of 100—for your prior evening’s sleep performance.

One thing you’ll learn using Oura: not all sleep is created equal. Realize that 8 hours of high-quality sleep (REM and Deep) can be better than 8.5 hours of light sleep. Optimize for quality sleep and reclaim hours in your day—without sacrificing energy levels.

Source: Ben Meer