Turn off all notifications

Go to your phone settings and turn off all notifications.

I run multiple businesses and I’ve been running and managing businesses online over the past 10 years. I have tried both – being ultra connected and available and being hard to reach and available only when I want.

The latter has led to the biggest boost in my productivity every single time.

I always keep my phone on flight mode + wifi to work with all app notifications off.

This ensures I can engage in shallow work like responding to messages and emails WHEN I WANT. And I usually do this in my scheduled shallow work sessions which are spread a few times in the day so nothing is missed more than a few hours.

The power of notifications is that they can bring you out of focus on whatever you are doing and keep you out of focus for a long time – even if you take a few seconds to view the notification.

REMEMBER THE FACT: It takes 23 minutesĀ and 15 seconds for the brain to come back to the focus task after any form of distraction.