Use A Standing Desk To Lower Stress And Fatigue While Also Improving Energy Levels (Uplift or Fully)

“Sitting is the New Smoking” is a phrase coined by Dr. James Levine, director of Mayo Clinic at Arizona State University. I wouldn’t go that far…but there are many benefits to spending more time upright via a standing desk. Not only is standing better for your muscular alignment and posture; standing at a desk all day burns 170 more calories than sitting. Also, according to Healthline: “87 percent of those using standing desks reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day.” I use Fully Jarvis in my home office. With its remote-touch height adjustment, I can quickly alternate between standing and sitting. I’ve found alternating is a great reset when I’m stuck on a problem and need to (literally) reapproach from a new angle.

Source: Ben Meer