Use A Totem To Activate Your Unstoppable Alter Ego

The Alter Ego Effect, by Todd Herman, teaches the power of creating an alter ego of your ideal self. He shares that creating an alter ego is a quick, impactful way to overcome the mental obstacles holding you back. The reason? You can make an alter ego that’s simply not fearful…of public speaking, sinking the high-stakes putt, attending a networking event, etc.

One tactic to activate your alter ego is using a totem (like glasses or a piece of jewelry). In the words of Todd Herman:

Your alter ego is real, and it needs to be grounded in a physical presence. That’s what your totem
or artifact does. It’s what you use to represent or connect to your alter ego, giving it a form and a shape.

I have a particular watch that serves this purpose. What will you use for your totem?

Source: Ben Meer