Use habit stacking

You can use habit stacking to use an existing habit to trigger another habit!

You just need a simple brain tattoo for this:


This hack uses the current habit as a tool to drive the new habit.

Essentially, the old habit becomes a trigger for building the new habit.

For example:

1. After drinking water the first time in the morning, I will walk 500 steps around the room before starting the day.

2. Every time I complete a meditation session, I will drink green tea without sugar before getting back to work.

3. After every 90 minutes of deep work session on the laptop, I’ll do some stretches for the body before going back to work.

These are simple examples but make sure the first habit that is being used to trigger the next one is already developed.

This ensures your brain doesn’t have to work on 2 new habits at the same time which can be harder to sustain.

Further, You can extend this for more than 2 habits. The process of sequencing multiple habits together is called Habit Stacking.

So enjoy habit coupling and habit stacking to automate productivity into your days and life.