Value Your Time With A High Aspirational Hourly Rate; Avoid Low-Value Activities by Delegating (Upwork, Fiverr, Taskrabbit)

Specifically, how much do you value your time? Before Naval Ravikant—founder of AngelList—became wealthy, he prized his time at an aspirational rate of $5,000 per hour. In the words of Naval, “You will never be worth more than you think you’re worth.”

By setting an absurdly high aspirational rate and outsourcing activities that fall outside your specialized skill set, you can ruthlessly save time for high-value activities. Naval advises:

If you can outsource something or not do something for less than your hourly rate, outsource it or don’t do it. If you can hire someone to do it for less than your hourly rate, hire them.

Then the question becomes: how will you invest your newfound time—so that you can begin to realize your aspirational rate?

Source: Ben Meer