Build your systems

Remember: A Goal is the destination and the System is the journey.

“I knew what I needed to do and how to do it.” Eddie Morra, Limitless

The issues with goals are many.

  • First being, it takes you away from the single purpose of the present moment.
  • Second, it is complete when it’s achieved or dropped if it isn’t.

Rather, pave the path by using and defining systems to follow on a regular basis.

Eventually, you will notice all your goals will become milestones in your journey when you execute your systems.

For Example, making $x could be a goal but creating a sales funnel with a product that gets feedback and improves constantly is a system.

If you work on the system, making $x would just become a milestone in the process.

Focus on building systems whose building blocks are daily habits (or frequent habits) and your goals will be achieved as a result.

This is the core concept of all productivity.