Manage your energy

While a lot of productivity content talks about Time Management, it’s important to replace TIME MANAGEMENT with ENERGY MANAGEMENT.

We all have the same time in the day and we try to schedule as many things as possible in this time – leading to an array of thoughts, emotions, and actions across the day.

Every thought, emotion or feeling, as well as action we do have an energy consequence.

Many people assume they’re using their time well as they’re working… on a specific task but their energy is still being used thinking about an email that needs to be replied to.

Instead, It’s better to super-focus and go deep and manage your energy expenditure on a few key action items throughout the day.

Focus on making energy, not just time, for important things in your life.

Here are some key points to manage energy:

1. Work in short deep-focused sprints
1.1. Cycle between productivity & recovery
1.2. Focus on quality over quantity of work
1.3. Outsource and assign

2. Optimize your sleep cycles
2.1. Focus on increasing your deep & REM sleep
2.2. Disconnect from technology an hour before sleep
2.3. Stop using bright lights an hour before sleep
2.4. Go out for a jog or cycle in the evening
2.5. Avoid caffeine after mid-day
2.6. Take a 20-minute nap after lunch before 2 pm

3. Train your body & exercise daily
3.1. Stretch for longevity
3.2. Strength train: when you’re strong physically, you feel strong in all areas of life
3.3. Train your heart: do cardio
3.4. Add some form of exercise each day

4. Optimize your nutrition
4.1. Eat real food as much as possible
4.2. Ditch sugar
4.3. Get your micro-nutritions
4.4. Use intermittent fasting a few days each week
4.5. Drink more water and stay hydrated

5. Recover to bring back your best performance
5.1. Get a massage each week
5.2. Use hot tubs, sauna
5.3. Go for nature walks
5.4. Do some form of pranayama each day
5.5. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation every day

Lastly, be joyful. Joy brings energy.